About us

Even in the days, when a soldier of the Russian army, count Tiškevičius, bought the small village of Palanga from the czar, it was already divided into two parts – the aristocracy and the fishermen and the artisan. Those parts were divided by the current J. Basanavičiaus street. If you look at the architecture of the buildings, you can see such a division even today.

You are invited to one of the oldest homesteads in Palanga, based in Žvejų street, in the first row from the sea. The oldest houses here are more than 120 years old. A spacious backyard, lots of greenery, a playground for the kids, a perfect spot for relaxation, and the constant breathing of the Baltic sea coupled with the smell of pine trees will make a unique impression and will let you forget the worries of the city and dive into the joys offered by the resort town.

For your rest, we offer two-bed, three-bed and four-bed rooms and apartments. There are individual relaxation zones in the yard, where you can read a book or spend an evening with friends.

Only since this season we also offer the „eco hut“ with comforts, which can also be inhabited by people with a physical disability. The hut has been built from 100 year old pine tree logs. Only ecological materials have been used while making the interior.